Understand your graph data without a line of Cypher

Graph UI connects to your graph database backend and lets you traverse the graph, show the results as tables and charts, and much more...

In the cloud, or self-hosted, with wide database support

Neo4j Azure Cosmos DB OrientDB
JanusDB Amazon Neptune
Neo4j Azure Cosmos DB OrientDB JanusDB Amazon Neptune

Traversal builder

Build your query visually. Pick a starting point and add steps. Try different paths to explore your graph.

The graph visualization will update itself after each step, always allowing you to review the results.

Editing mode

Graph UI excels not only with analytics, but also with editing your graph. Use the editing mode to add new nodes and relationships — all done by drawing on the canvas.

Fits for every usecase

Graph UI works great with large graphs (millions of nodes), as well as simple projects. Whatever your use case might be: Just connect to your backend and start working with the graph.

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